Throwing my life against the Internet wall and seeing if it sticks.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Good job! Although, you lost me a “little” with all the rowing stuff! LOL
    However, when you get more into the life part I will totally be here to offer all my words of wisdom or just kick your ass if necessary!

    Keep it coming John 😉

  2. John, this is remarkable stuff! I am currently “re-inventing” career as well! Very interesting. See you on the water! Pat

  3. I am also in the midst of changing careers after being laid off a few years ago. It was a blessing in disguise since I just graduated from BU with a Master’s in Health Communications as the first step in the process. I am looking forward to a challenging job hunt. As for rowing, I am a water person but have never rowed in my life. It looks like a great sport. Best of luck!

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